Personal Banking

Abu Nussair branch new location

We welcome you at Abu Nussair branch in its new location – Main Street, Building no. 218, which offers you a comprehensive range of financial products and services:

  • Opening all types of accounts
  • Cash and Cheque Withdrawal or Deposit
  • Buying and Selling Currencies 
  • ATM Services 
  • Transfer funds to other accounts worldwide 
  • Inquiries about accounts 
  • Issuing Accounts Statements 
  • Order Cheque books 
  • Settling Utility Bills 
  • Issuing and accepting Demand Draft Cheques 
  • Applying for Direct banking Services ( Phone banking , Internet banking & SMS Banking ) 
  • Applying for Personal Loans , Auto Loans , Housing Loans and Credit Cards
  • Trade services ( accepting applications for Guarantees, Transfers and Letters of Credit )

The branch team will be at your disposal to offer you all services with utmost convenience and the highest level of personalized service.