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Winner of Disneyland-Paris trip

Arab Bank has announced Jud Fadi Misbah Ghosheh, as the winner of a trip to Disneyland in Paris, France. The prize comes as part of Jeel Al Arabi Account special draw.

Jud, who’s three years old, and two family members are entitled to a seven-day journey to Paris's Disneyland.

Mr. Muntaser Dawwas - Head of Retail Banking congratulated the winning child and her parents, extending Arab Bank’s wishes of a happy vacation in Disneyland. He said the high turnout of parents interested in securing their children’s future through opening accounts for them under Jeel Al Arabi, indicates a high degree of awareness among these parents of the numerous privileges and benefits offered by the program.

Mr. Dawwas stressed that Arab Bank believes in the need to instill the culture of saving in the children’s hearts and minds, adding that the incentives and privileges offered by this account make it a very useful tool in this respect, where it poses an ideal saving tool that allows parents to cater for the future of their children and promote saving and financial awareness among youth at an early age.

Arab Bank launched its banking services for children under the brand name "Jeel Al Arabi" last year as part of a series of innovative initiatives to serve the present and future needs of customers.

Through Jeel Al Arabi, Arab Bank takes part in various educational, cultural and environmental activities designed to promote positive behaviors among schoolchildren.