Terms and Conditions for "Card Me" service

The Bank shall have the sole right to approve or decline the uploaded / requested photo by Cardholder if it is not in line with the Bank rules, regulation and guidelines.
The Bank is also entitled to decline the card holder request without communicating the rejection cause; Additionally the Bank has the right to amend/ change the image as it deems appropriate.

Uploaded images must conform to the following guidelines:
• Image size should not exceed 8 MB with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
• The format of image must be .jpeg or .png

By sending the photo, cardholder confirms that he / she either owns the photo or has the right to submit it and use it.
The photo you choose for your card must not contain any of the following whether it was an image, text, signs or symbols
1. Competitive Trademarks or brands
2. Trademarks or company names – e.g., images marked with ® or ™ signs
3. Images or text protected by copyright – e.g., images marked with © or other watermarks or notations
4. Slogans, tag lines, branding, marketing or promotional products, services or images of companies
5. Images of, or the name or nickname of, celebrities, musicians, sportspersons, entertainers, public figures, film stars, cartoon characters, members of the royal family or other famous people
6. Contact information – e.g., telephone numbers, URLs, social networks usernames account numbers, addresses or email addresses
7. Political statements or images relating to ethnicity or religion
8. Photo of a person should have a dress code acceptable with the country’s local society.
9. Images of flags
10. Images that display weapons or gangs
11. Images, signs, symbols or text relating to money, currency or financial products and services
12. Images, signs, symbols or text relating drugs, tobacco, alcohol, , graffiti, betting or gambling
13. Provocative, lewd or sexual images or content
14. Offensive material – e.g., images, signs, symbols or text relating to hatred, violence, death, injury, racism, cruelty, profanity, obscenity, firearms, racial, prejudicial, ammunition or terrorism
15. Anti-social or obscene behavior, or socially unacceptable groups
16. Any reference to Sport event or institution – e.g. World Cup, Olympic Games or any other international branded event
17. Offensive religious subject matter of any nature
18. Self-promotion of any nature - e.g., personal business card
19. Subject matter of any nature that might result in card acceptance confusion by merchants
20. Subject matter of any nature that might result in card fraud
21. Any graphic design element that might reflect poorly or might engender hostility toward or derision of all or any of the Arab Bank or VISA brands.
Arab Bank will charge the cardholder account with the applicable card issuance fees.

The Cardholder undertakes to the Bank the following:

1. It will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary rights; or contain libelous, defamatory or otherwise unlawful material,
2. It is duly authorized and has all legal rights necessary to submit the Photos;
3. It is duly authorized the use of the Image for the sole purpose of personalizing its Card.
4. It will indemnify and hold Bank harmless against any civil damages against Bank by the court of competent jurisdiction determining that the Photos infringe any third party’s patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark or other intellectual or industrial property right.
Arab Bank reserves the right to modify, interpret or vary from these guidelines at its sole discretion at any time.