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Now exclusively for "Arabi Junior" customers... Free subscription in "I Read Arabic" app by “Little Thinking Minds” – “I Read Arabic” app is a leading digital leveled reading program for children designed to develop the quality of Arabic language fluency and literacy. It offers hundreds of books from leading publishers, divided into simplified levels to suit the needs different ages and grades.

Children go through an interactive journey, with rich exceptional content such as videos, worksheets, educational games and reading comprehension questions.

"Al-Hakawati" competition:

Register your children in "Al-Hakawati" competition, in collaboration with "Little Thinking Minds” for a chance to win one of three cash prizes of JOD 1,000 JOD for first place, JOD 300 for second place, and JOD 200 for third place.

  • The competition is exclusively for "Arabi Junior" customers
  • You must activate "I Read Arabic" through “Arabi Mobile” app
  • The competition starts on 31/10/2021 until 21/11/2021

*The following terms and conditions apply to the running competition only.
Terms and conditions:

  • The competition consists of a video in which the contestant presents his/her own way of telling the story of his choice from "I Read Arabic" app.
  • Registration steps:
    - The participants must have an “Arab Junior” account from Arab Bank.
    -  Activate the contestant's account on “I ReadArabic” app through “Arabi Mobile” app.
    -  Video recording steps: You should choose a book to read from “I Read Arabic” app (you can use the open library "Search Icon" to view more books) and tell the story in your own way "The Story Method."
    - Mention the name of the book chosen from at the beginning of the video and then start telling the story.
    - Make sure the sound and image are clear in the video.
    - Speak Arabic correctly.
    - Express your style and don't read.
    - Train to provide video and delivery.
  • The video should lasts no more than two minutes.
  • Winners will be selected from the first 50 emailed videos received
  • Ten winners will be selected in the liquidation phase based on the criteria of the competition and then 3 winners will be selected by Arab Bank and the videos will be uploaded to the Facebook page of “Little Thinking Mind” Company to determine the positions based on the largest number of likes.
  • How to apply: Attached the video on the email competitions@littlethinkingminds.com and fill all the required fields (full reader name, username on "Read in Arabic" app, email, phone number, chosen book name)
  • 3 winners will be selected based on arbitration criteria
  • Speech safety and clarity in speech:
  • Explain the exits to letters, words, and sentences. The caster must be sound in its speech free of defects.
  • Capacity of culture and knowledge: as much as its culture as it can present new ideas, or develop other ideas.
  • Common sense of linguistics can realize its mistake and correct it if it makes a mistake so that our ears get used to hearing what is right.
  • Self-confidence, because this reinforces his position, keeps him away from confusion, and is able to face emergency situations.

- General Conditions:

4.1 Arab Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the campaign at any time.

4.2  Arab Bank reserves the right to end the campaign in whole or in part, and withdraw the offer, with a prior notification to all customers accordingly

 4.3  The prizes are not transferable from the winning customer to any other customer under any circumstance.

It’s your fun way to teach your kids Arabic! Download the app today through:


After you download the “I Read Arabic” app you can easily get your credentials that entitles you for a free subscription through Arabi Mobile app, by following simple steps. Click here to review it.