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Pay 20 JDs for COVID-19 test instead of 28 JDs when using Arabi MobiCash app at selected labs.

Terms and conditions:

  • The campaign is valid for two months from 15-04-2021 until15-06-2021.
  • COVID-19 test for 20 JDs instead of 28 JDS from selected labs when paying via Arabi MobiCash
  • The bank reserves the right to terminate this campaign at any time upon announcement though official website in case ending the campaign or amending any of its terms and conditions at any time
  • The price of COVID-19 test is 28 JOD, the prices are based on the Ministry of Health pricing
  • The price of COVID-19 test doesn’t include the service from home, and if the customer requests to conduct the test from home, the transportation fees will be added by the laboratory
  • The offer doesn’t include the quick examination for the Coronavirus

The offer does not include “GENE expert test”, in which result is given within one hour only for urgent cases


Lab name

Khalda drive thru, Dabouq

The Lab

Shmesani-Al Khaldy street-Dabouq drive thru

Smart Medical lab

Airport street

Josante health care

Queen noor street, in front of Jordan hospital

Uni lab

Al Khaldy steert-Fuhais-Garndenz –Mecca Street drive thru

PM Lab

Wadi saqra

Airport street drive thru

Istishari Hospital