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1. What is Arabi Pay?
Arabi Pay is a payment keyboard app designed for smartphones - iOS and Android. This keyboard app offers mobile transfers/payments through any social/messaging app.

2. How do I register to Arabi Pay?
You’ll need to download Arabi Pay app from App Store or Google Play (App Gallery is coming soon) and follow the on-screen instructions, as simple as that!

If you’re an Arab Bank customer (JO) and an existing “Arabi Online” or “Arabi Mobile” user and you’re subscribed to Arab Bank’s SMS Express service, then you’re eligible to register to Arabi Pay right away!

You’ll be required to register with your “Arabi Online” or “Arabi Mobile” login credentials. The device that you’re registering from will be automatically activated. The device activation process is secure and is completed by using an OTP (One Time Password) sent to your phone via SMS.

(Check out the questions below for more information on how not to miss out on Arabi Pay’s unique experience and full feature set).

3. What kind of transactions can I conduct through Arabi Pay?
For this current version, transfers/payments between Arab Bank (JO) customers can be performed. For future versions, you’ll be able to use Arabi Pay keyboard for different types of peer-to-peer payments. Stay tuned, exciting features are cooking!

4. Ok, where can I use Arabi Pay?
Arabi Pay can be used within ANY social/messaging app that requires the use of the keyboard such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Mail, Instagram, etc. How cool is that!

5. I can’t wait! How do I authenticate a transaction on Arabi Pay?
You’ll be able to authenticate a transaction by using Touch ID/ Face ID on your iOS device or by using Touch ID on your Android device.
For future versions, we’ll add the Face ID on Android; in addition, to the Pin Code and Pattern authentication methods. Stay tuned!

6. Wait a second, are there any fees?
No, currently there are no fees to download or use Arabi Pay app. Standard internet (3G/4G and Edge) charges may apply, please contact your network operator for more details.

7. Is there a daily limit for my transactions?
Yes. The maximum daily limit is JOD 150, with a maximum JOD 50 transaction limit. Fair enough? If not, let us know by reaching out on info@arabbank.com.jo !

8. What type of devices does Arabi Pay support?
Arabi Pay supports iPhone and Android devices (except for the Samsung A – series devices); we are working on it, stay tuned!

9. What operating systems does Arabi Pay support?
On iOS we support OS 11.0 and up. On Android, we support API 23 (Android 6.0) and up.

10. I love Arabi Pay, but is it safe?
Arabi Pay supports the same security characteristics as “Arabi Mobile” app. We do not store any of your sensitive data directly on your handset and the app itself is password protected.  So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with Arabi Pay!

11. Why does Arabi Pay require full access on iOS?
Arabi Pay keyboard needs full access to connect to the internet; without full access you won’t be able to conduct any transactions on your keyboard.   

12. What does the full access warning notification mean on iOS?
Whenever you grant full access to a keyboard on an iOS device, Apple displays a warning notification. Most apps & websites have password and credit card fields marked as “sensitive”; Apple blocks any 3rd party keyboard from accessing any sensitive marked field - your “sensitive” information cannot be transmitted to Arabi Pay keyboard. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with Arabi Pay!

13. What happens if I close the bank account that I linked to Arabi Pay app?
Your family and friends won’t be able to transfer any funds to your mobile number.

14. How can I ensure that I’m transferring funds to the correct person?
Each time you conduct a transaction with Arabi Pay, a confirmation page will be shown before your payment is sent; so that you double-check all the details before you authenticate your transaction.

15 .Can I view full transaction details?
Yes, you’ll be able to view all incoming /outgoing transaction details conducted on Arabi Pay.  

16. Can I cancel a payment?
No. For more assistance, you can contact us on 4600900.

17. Can I use Arabi Pay to transfer funds between my accounts?
We have some exciting features coming soon! Transfer funds between my accounts is one of them! 

18. What should I do if I lose or change my smartphone?
You’ll be able to re-register using any other device. This will override your previous device subscription (it will no longer be effective) - only one device can be registered on this current version of Arabi Pay. Don’t worry there will be no impact on your personal information or account security.
For more assistance, you can contact us on 4600900

19. What if I’m not subscribed to the bank’s SMS Express service?
For you not to miss out on Arabi Pay’s unique experience and full feature set, we recommend subscribing to the SMS Express service instantly through “Arabi Mobile” app, where you’ll be directed to our website.
For more assistance, you can contact us on 4600900.

20. What If I do not have credentials from “Arabi Online” or “Arabi Mobile”?
For you not to miss out on Arabi Pay’s unique experience and full feature set, we recommend registering a new account via “Arabi Mobile” app by using your Visa Electron number and PIN (easy steps!). Afterwards, you can use these newly registered credentials to complete setting-up Arabi Pay app!
For more assistance, you can contact us on 4600900.